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31. 01. 2011

Provable Protection of Confidential Data in Microkernel-Based Systems

Marcus Völp

TU Dresden


Today's mobile, desktop, and server systems process inceasing amounts of high-value personal, commercial or industrial data. Yet, despite over 30 years of academic and industrial efforts, the provable protection of confidential data against leakage over covert channels is still an issue. My dissertation's thesis is to combine the complementary strength of microkernel-based systems and security-type-system-based static analyzes to provably protect confidential data in open microkernel-based systems. The two central contributions of my thesis are a non-interference secure budget-enforcing fixed-priority scheduler that prevents leakage over scheduling-related timing channels and a sound security-type system for the analysis of the low-level operating-system code of microkernel-based systems.
25. Jun 2020
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