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28. 10. 2011

High-Performance Data Management - Before and Beyond Fast Architecture Sensitive Tree Search

Tim Kaldewey


Rapidly growing main memory sizes eliminate disk I/O as a bottleneck for many traditionally data-intensive applications. Although the rise of applications like in-memory databases suggests that I/O - in the traditional sense of disk storage - is no longer a bottleneck, this is a fallacy. While the front lines may have shifted from disk to main memory, the basic problem remains: CPUs are significantly faster than storage and the performance of many applications is now limited by memory performance.

Our research shows that - independent of processor architecture - memory performance varies by up to two orders of magnitude depending upon access pattern, word size, read/write ratio, and degree of concurrency. For a growing class of data-intensive (i.e. memory-bound) applications, where memory performance dominates application performance, a thorough understanding of memory performance is required to effectively predict and manage application performance. Our evaluation of memory performance resulted in many improvements to memory bound (database) operations, including "FAST: Fast Architecture Sensitive Tree Search", which was awarded best paper in SIGMOD 2010.
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