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20. 04. 2012

New E/E Architecture for e-Mobility - automotive computers are growing up

Ludger Fiege


Future mobility is mainly driven by the three megatrends climate change, urbanization and demographic change. Electric mobility allows for more efficient drive trains and facilitates other, specialized vehicle and mobility concepts. In order to exploit its full potential, however, electric engines must be complemented with a consolidated computing and communication architecture (E/E architecture). Flexibility, determinism, and functional safety are driven by needs to deploy advanced assistant functionality (e.g. ADAS) and highly integrated smart actuators (wheel-hub engines). We present an example of a computing platform supporting plug and play as well as safety-critical computing necessary for drive-by-wire settings. The platform comprises central computing nodes, operating system, Ethernet and a data-centric middleware. Its goal is to offer a safe computing environment that liberates application developers from dealing with systemic redundancy and low-level communication details. Prototypes are being set up in the RACE (Robust and Reliant Automotive Computing Environment for Future eCars) project in two demonstration vehicles.
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