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19. 07. 2013

Robustness and Performance of Software Transactional Memory

Jons-Tobias Wamhoff

TU Dresden

Statusvortrag im Promotionsverfahren

The increase in the density of transistors in integrated circuits leads to less reliable hardware and higher likelihood for transient errors. While the transistor density gains are utilized to put multiple cores on a single chip, energy limitations will require a heterogenous power distribution among the increasing number of cores.

In my doctoral work, I investigate how software transactional memory can enhance the robustness and performance of applications that execute on such hardware. The main covered aspects are (1) progress guarantees for fairness among threads in the presence of errors, (2) fault tolerance for transient errors and other symptoms without redundant execution, (3) reducing the latency of operations using asymmetric levels of instrumentation and (4) throughput improvement by exploiting heterogeneous frequencies of cores.

For my status presentation, I will outline the related work in the field as well as my contributions and plans for the remainder of my work.

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