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18. 10. 2013

Running RTEMS in POK Partitions

Philipp Eppelt

TU Dresden

The Partitioned Operating System Kernel (POK) provides the opportunity to collocate embedded system application on the same hardware in a safe and secure manner. It supports the ARINC 653 and MILS standards. The project goal was to run RTEMS on POK to inherit the benefits of theses standards, as RTEMS is not able to implement ARINC 653 itself. To support virtual environments RTEMS was expanded with an abstraction layer. The layer was tested by implementing a board support package and a CPU model. POK was extended to provide partitions with an interface to request and manage hardware interrupts. The paper outlines both systems and describes the introduced virtualization layer in detail. The design is followed by implementation problems and examples with the focus on the virtualiation layer and the interrupt processing of POK.
25. Jun 2020
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