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25. 10. 2013

Memory and Thread Management on NUMA Systems

Daniel Müller

TU Dresden

NUMA (non-uniform memory access) architectures are used increasingly in commodity systems in order to allow for higher application performance. Contrary to the "free lunch" software developers had with increasing processor clock rates, where software performance improved without programmer intervention, harnessing the full power of a NUMA architecture requires knowledge about the system's topology and more sophisticated thread and memory placement algorithms.
This talk presents the state of my work of making the L4/Fiasco.OC environment NUMA aware. I explain chosen design details and implementation issues of a component that handles thread and memory placement on a NUMA system in order to alleviate remote memory access penalties and shared resource contention. Using L4Re mechanisms, the component is able to dynamically migrate threads and allocated memory regions between different NUMA nodes without modification of the target applications.
25. Jun 2020
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