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13. 12. 2013

Migration Sweetspots

Konstantin Tabere

TU Dresden

Verteidigung der Diplomarbeit

Multi-core processors hold a huge potential for parallel execution of multiple tasks on modern computer systems. It's increasingly important for today's operating systems to be able to distribute all available cpu computing time of several cores in one processor to tasks that are ready to run. Various aspects and requirements have to be considered. One of these is optimizing the workflow for maximal throughput.

To achieve this, it is necessary that the scheduler migrates processes from a cpu of one core to another cpu in a different core. These migrations can have a deep impact on the execution performance of a process when executed on a processor with multiple cache levels. When process data that is stored inside the cache of a previously used core has to be accessed from the new core, this can lead to a performance slow-down.

With the help of performance counters, this diploma thesis tries to present one possible method to detect migration sweetspots - those crucial moments when migration of any process comes with less performance penalties. This paper also details a first implementation on the linux operating system of this kind of procedure.
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