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17. 12. 2013

Performance Portability and Energy Issues in Computing Architectures

Guilherme Calandrini

TU Berlin

The usage of different computing architectures such as CPU and GPUs, has appeared as a novel alternative to increase computing performance as well energy efficiency in computing applications, in what it is known heterogeneous system. The OpenCL standard already promises a vender neutral programming solution for CPUs, GPUs and DSPs, although the OpenCL standard ensures a functional portability through different architectures, the performance and energy of code executed on different architectures are still a further issue for solve.

This presentation shows the results of an analysis made about performance and power efficiency of distinct computing architectures (CPUs and GPUs) using a suite of OpenCL micro benchmarks. The results are a key for understanding the performance and power implication of optimization strategies for the different architectures as well a guide for selecting appropriate compute architecture according to performance or energy efficiency requirements.
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