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24. 02. 2014

ELK Herder

Florian Pester

TU Dresden

Verteidigung der Diplomarbeit

Today's software is prone to faults in the underlying hardware. We need fast and flexible solutions that deal with these faults in order to keep software reliable, even on commercial-off-the-shelf systems. Replication in virtual machines with a minimal proxy operating system provides for flexibility, because it lets users choose, which applications to replicate. Modern COTS hardware provides multiple CPU cores and virtualization support, minimizing replication overhead. I implemented ELKVM, a library that runs applications in a virtual machine with 2.2% runtime overhead. I present ELK Herder a replication manager, which runs these applications in a triple-modular-redundant fashion, providing fault tolerance and recovery, with 16.3% total runtime overhead. These developments make fault tolerance possible and affordable on low-end servers, and most consumer devices.
25. Jun 2020
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