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04. 07. 2014

FFMK: A Fast and Fault-Tolerant Microkernel-Based Operating System Design for Excascale Computing

Hermann Härtig

TU Dresden

Abweichender Raum: INF/1004

Currently, high performance systems are mostly used by splitting them into fixed-size partitions which are completely owned and operated by applications. Hardware architecture designs strive to remove the operating system from the critical path, for example using techniques such as RDMA and busy waiting for synchronisation. Operating system functionality is restricted to batch schedulers that load and start applications and to I/O. Applications take over traditional operating system functionality such as balancing load over resources.

In Exascale computing, new challenges and opportunities may put an end to that mode of operation. These developments include applications too complex and too dynamic to do application-level balancing and hardware too diverse to maintain an application-level view of a fixed number of reliable and predictable resources. The talk will discuss some operating system building blocks and demonstrate how they integrate into a coherent architecture.

The talk will address a wider audience, i.e., not primarily operating system experts. I consider this presentation to be the talk required after a "Forschungsfreisemester". FFMK is a project funded by DFG within the priority program "Software for Exascale".
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