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19. 11. 2015

Multicore Load Balancing Based on Behaviour Observations on µ-Kernels

Philipp Eppelt

TU Dresden

Zwischenpräsentation der Diplomarbeit

Congestion on shared resources reduces performance on multicore CPUs. Different applications compete for the same resource and affect each other negatively or, at best, not at all. If the multicore CPU supports SMT, even more resources are shared.
I will give a overview over research, which tries to reduce resource congestion by observing thread behaviour and separating heavy resource users from each other. The presented work explores not only cache and memory congestion, but also cooperation between SMT-threads.
Based on this review, I will present my approach for a load distribution service on L4Re, running on a partially symmetric multiprocessor. In addition, it will provide isolation guarantees for security or real-time tasks.
25. Jun 2020
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