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05. 05. 2017

Towards Automated Construction of Systems with Certified Non-functional Properties

Linda Leuschner

TU Dresden

The talk will report on first steps towards a systematic design process that ensures quantitative requirements like energy consumption or resilience requirements by construction. The idea is to automatically extract a formal model from a parametrized system and to use formal analysis techniques to automatically determine a configuration such that the system meets the quantitative requirements.
As a proof of concept we present a tool that supports the automated synthesis of protocol parameters for IPC (inter-process communication). The tool takes as input a Lua script describing the communication structure of several processes. This script is annotated with quantitative information such as error probabilities and timing information. The output is a Markov chain specified in the input language of the prominent probabilistic model checker PRISM. This Markov chain yields the basis for quantitative formal analysis of failure scenarios caused by hardware faults in IPC channels. The results yield the basis for finding optimal values for protocol parameters that tune, e.g., the level of resiliency. As an initial demonstration of the tool, we analyze and adjust system parameters of a simple scenario with a few communicating processes and report on results.
25. Jun 2020
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