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13. 07. 2018

Debugging MPI library bug with minimized bug-triggering MPI trace

Naiji Ma

TU Dresden

Verteidigung der Master-Arbeit

Library bug could severely affect effectivity, correctness and productivity of large-scale computing system. Debugging it exhausts programmer quickly as there are superfluous event data needed to be examined manually. Delta Debugging is a general technique for minimizing failure-inducing changes, which could also be applied to do trace simplification. In this talk I will introduce trace simplification in terms of MPI library bug. The proposed technique takes a MPI application and runs it on a buggy MPI library with certain types of library bug. Trace file of the application only contains executed MPI function calls and is pruned with Delta Debugging. The result is a minimized trace file which still triggers the original library bug. The empirical evaluation shows that it could successfully isolate some simple bugs. I would briefly talk about how to extend this technique to other types of bug.
25. Jun 2020
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