l4_nchief -- deliver the thread id of the nearest partner of the invoker

1 Synopsis

#include <syscalls.h>

static inline int
l4_nchief(l4_threadid_t dest , l4_threadid_t *next_chief);

2 Description

The l4_nchief() system call delivers the id of the nearest partner which would be engaged when sending a message to the specified destination.

3 Arguments

Thread id of the destination.
Pointer to thread id of the nearest partner, depending on return value.

4 Return Values

The following values determine the contents of the thread id, next_chief is pointing to:

The destination resides in the same clan, its id is returned.
The destination resides in an inner clan, whose chief is in the same clan as the caller. The call returns the id of this chief.
The destination is outside of the invoker's clan. It's own chief's id is returned.

5 See Also

l4_thread_ex_regs , l4_fpage_unmap , l4_myself , l4_thread_switch , l4_thread_schedule , l4_task_new