l4_thread_switch -- release the processor non-preemtively

1 Synopsis

#include <l4/sys/syscalls.h>

static inline void
l4_thread_switch(l4_threadid_t dest );

2 Description

The l4_thread_switch() system call frees the processor from the invoking thread non-preemptively so that another ready thread can be processed.

3 Arguments

The identifier of the destination thread the processor should switch to.

Processing switches to an undefined ready thread which is selected by the scheduler.
<valid id>
If the destination thread is ready, processing switches to this thread. Otherwise another ready thread is selected by the scheduler.

4 Return Values

No return value is sent back.

5 See Also

l4_thread_ex_regs , l4_fpage_unmap , l4_nchief , l4_thread_switch , l4_thread_schedule , l4_task_new