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Ph.D. Programmes

The Department of Computer Science at the Dresden University of Technology is one of the largest computer science departments in Germany: it has 26 professors, distributed over eight institutes. It offers a bachelor student programme (running for three years) and a master student programme (running for four and a half years) both in the subject Computer Science. Also the department offers an international master programme in Computational Logic (running from bachelor in two years to the Master of Science in Computational Logic); all courses of the international master programme are presented in English.

The research interests of the department cover the whole scope of computer science from theory to practice and from basic research to applications, and it has a high international standard.

The department offers two formal grant-based postgraduate programmes (Ph.D. Programmes) which run for three years and lead to the Doctor of Engineering.

Tools for the effective use of parallel and distributed computer systems

Parallel and distributed architectures of computer systems are the infrastructural background for future applications.

Today the stage of development of such architectures shows an imbalance between the great progress in the development of hardware with a huge processing capacity and useful tools which are able to use advantages of modern hardware. Besides, there is a huge demand for parallel and distributed applications. For example, distributed office systems, large applications concerning computer aided manufacturing, distributed multimedia systems, distributed information services, operation systems, error tolerant parallel computers, and heterogeneous and distributed databases.

In our grant-based programme, we work on a wide range of problems in the area of parallel and distributed systems attempting to find methods and computer-aided tools for the applicant.

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Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Horst Stange

Specification of discrete processes and process systems using operational models and logics

Industry and public administration use reactive and distributed systems in many different ways. The goal of this research and educational programme is to develop mathematical formalisms for designing the above mentioned systems and to prove their properties. Special emphasis is given to the theory of traces, logic and logic programming, universal algebra and category theory, the theory of formal languages, and term rewriting systems.

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Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing.habil. Heiko Vogler

For further information please contact the chairmen of the Ph.D. programmes.

Besides these two formal programmes, there is an informal one: each professor individually offers research topics for Ph.D. theses. For further information consult the www page http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/welcome.html.

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