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Secure Microkernel-Based System Architecture (µSINA)

The Mikro-SINA project ended in December 2004 with a final presentation at TUD:OS '04.

In the past years, the German Information Security Agency (BSI) developed a modular and flexibly scalable architecture for processing and transmission of classified data - SINA (Secure Inter-Networking Architecture). In 2002, the base components SINA Thin Client, SINA Box - an IPSec gateway - and SINA Management got the final, specified functional range. The underlying system platform is an elaborately security-analysed, extremely minimialised and functionally hardened SINA Linux.

The goal of µSINA is to replace SINA Linux with a (compared to the monolithic operating system) significantly smaller and therefore better evaluable system platform. We will prototypically implement and test a simplified variant of the SINA Box.

µSINA aspires to very differentiated separation of processes and data (flows). The base for this is the development of a microkernel-based system platform.

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CeBIT 2004 poster

Christian Helmuth, http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~ch12/
28. Feb 2006
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