This page and the driver you can find here are no longer maintained by me.
From version 2.4 on, mainstream Linux kernels contain the driver for the PCA-200E board.
However you still need the user space tools to do real networking with ATM.

Thanks to Christophe Lizzi (lizzi at for continuing this work.

Uwe Dannowski

The PCA-200E ATM adapter series built by FORE Systems offer 155 Mbps ATM networking access for PCI-Bus based systems. The adapters are quite popular, therefore at Dresden University of Technology we currently attempt to support it under the highly popular free Linux operating system.


This driver is intended for use with the PCA-200E, the PCI bus version of FORE Systems' ForeRunner 200E ATM adapters series. It does not work with the PCA-200 (note the missing E), since this is a completely different chipset. It also does not work with the "LE" variants.

The driver is known to work on Intel Linux boxes. A few efforts have been spent to make it work on Alpha, but with limited success.


The PCA-200E Linux driver is designed to fit into the framework provided by ATM-on-Linux.
You must have ATM-on-Linux support in your Linux kernel if you want to play with the PCA-200E driver.
Since this is a Linux driver, you should have suitable Linux kernel sources, too.

Current status

The current version is 0.4 for 2.1.x Linux kernels and 0.3 for 2.0.x Linux kernels. Version 0.3 is configured to be built as a kernel loadable module, whereas version 0.4 is recommended to be compiled directly into the kernel.
If justified later, the driver could well be part of the ATM-on-Linux distribution by Werner Almesberger.

Licensing and warranty

The driver has been placed under the GNU General Public License.

To use the driver, you need the firmware binary which is intellectual property of FORE Systems.

This driver is beta software. No warranty of any kind is made if you will use the driver. Be warned that there could be bugs and problems.



Since the PCA-200E driver actually is only a side product of the work on the DROPS project, support will be limited somehow.

Please, report problems to or to the mailing list.

NOTE: FORE Systems is *NOT* responsible for supporting this driver.

Mailing List

The mailing list is dedicated to the PCA-200E Linux driver.

You can subscribe to it by sending mail with subscribe pca200e-linux in the body to
To unsubscribe, send a mail with unsubscribe pca200e-linux in the body to

It's recommended to search through the archive before sending mail to the list.


  1. Get the PCA-200E driver package from the download section in this document.
  2. Follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.
    For the latest ATM-on-Linux and Linux kernel version, look at

Download Area

filekernel + atm
2.2.x + 0.54
2.1.119 + 0.43
2.1.115 + 0.39
  • pcadump tool removed due to /proc/atm/pca200e...
  • claims to be version 0.3
in the package
2.0.33 + 0.31
  • CBR support
  • known bugs of 0.2 fixed
in the package
  • doesn't support ATM_VCI_ANY and ATM_VPI_ANY => back2back signalling won't work
  • can't receive PDUs larger than 24KB
  • routing from Ethernet to ATM doesn't work with some 100Mbps Ethernet cards (DC21140, 3C905)
Ooooh, lots of bugs!
  • May stop under heavy load due to a firmware problem




Credits belong to Werner Almesberger for his great Linux-ATM effort and to FORE Systems for their support and permission to place the driver under the GPL.
Uwe Dannowski