Fiasco compile problems on 486

James Gibson jgibson62 at
Fri Nov 20 20:04:01 CET 1998

I've been trying to build Fiasco on a 486 (running Linux 2.0.35 and egcs 
1.1). The OS kit build fails with this message:
make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/l4-981012/oskit/examples'
ld -Ttext 100000  -L../lib \
	-o multiboot ../lib/multiboot.o multiboot.o		\
	-lkern -lmc -llmm ../lib/crtn.o
ld -Ttext 100000  -L../lib \
	-o multiboot-gdb ../lib/multiboot.o multiboot-gdb.o		\
	-lkern -lmc -llmm ../lib/crtn.o
ld -Ttext 100000  -L../lib \
	-o multiboot-smp ../lib/multiboot.o multiboot-smp.o		\
	-lsmp -lkern -lmc -llmm ../lib/crtn.o
../lib/libsmp.a(boot.o): In function `_SMP_TRAMP_START_':
boot.o(.text+0x29): relocation truncated to fit: R_386_16 
make[2]: *** [multiboot-smp] Error 1

Question: Since I don't need SMP, would it be possible (and if so, would 
it be worthwhile) to disable SMP support?


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