Some questions about Fiasco

Benjamin Gerfelder benjamin at
Sat Dec 26 16:18:02 CET 1998


I just succeeded in booting Linux on Fiasco. Just in case anyone
is interested, here are the warnings I got while booting:
(both packages are of 12/07/98, compiled under Linux)

Welcome to Fiasco!
DD-L4/x86 microkernel (c) 1998 TU Dresden - Dec 24 1998
checking OFFS_TSS: ok, OFFS_TSS still 536
detect processorsetup_paging
end linux_startup, calling start_kernel
sigma0 denies mapping of address 00001000
No kernel code/data
sigma0 denies mapping of address 00002000
No kernel code/data
sigma0 denies mapping of address 00149000
No kernel code/data

mb4 already requested

4m page received
sigma0 denies mapping of address 00ccc000
No kernel code/data

Memory end: 00ccc000

kernel info page mappt to: 00001000
root: rcvd 2, 424a25
Hmm, strange, that shouldn't happen anymore
Root: null pointer deref in 5.3 at addr: 2 and eip: 424a25 (pte: 27)

Then Linux tries to initialize the serial driver and stops because I
logged this messages over serial cable. When I boot it without cable,
everything works fine and stable, I just get *a lot of*

wake_idle_if_needed: ipc failed

messages, but this seems to be no problem. The only thing I`ve found
that doesn`t work is XFree86, when I try to start it, the machine
freezes with blank screen. Today I`ll try to get pcmcia running.

Ok, now my questions :)

1) Are there any documents you suggest reading, besides the L4 Reference
   Manual? Any document would be of use, since I don`t have a clue on
   L4, but I want to play around with it. Is there anything like
   "L4 for dummies" ? :)

2) Is Fiasco capable of running multiple servers at once? I tried to
   start two instances of this helloworld-server, but it crashed

3) Is there a simple way to reboot the system after Fiasco startet?
   My Laptop has no reset button :)

Ok, I`ve already stolen enough of your time, many thanks for being
patient with me :)


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