Fehler beim Booten von Fiasco

Konrad Neitzel neitzel at neitzel.de
Fri Oct 23 22:48:56 CEST 1998

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998, you wrote:
Hi Michael,

>l4-hackers is an international mailing list; the discussion language
>is English.  If you need to discuss something in German, please
>contact <fiasco-core at os.inf.tu-dresden.de>.
I am sorry - i will speak english in the future (or read the Web-Site a litle
better. You mentioned , that the list is english only on several places in the
net, but i read that after writing my mail.)

What is the difference between the two mailling-lists?

>Also, I guess I now have to set up a mailing list archive -- the
>issues you raised have popped up several times now.
Maybe add it to the FAQ on the web! I think, that i didn't found it there.
(But maybe i am just some kind of blind)

>Please apply the patch at
>-- it should fix this bug.  The problem was caused by an incomplete
>constructor which assumed statically-allocated storage would be
Thank you for the real fast answer. I will try it again now!

>> [ other minor build problems many people have stumbled across ]
>I'll address these in a small patch to be released next week.
Thank you - but as i mentiond: These are not real problems :)

>Thanks for trying Fiasco!
Thanks for building up such a system. Maybe i can help you in the future with
Fiasco and L4Linux. But until now i don't know, if i should concentrate my work
on databases or operating systems :)


Konrad Neitzel

Konrad Neitzel                        neitzel at neitzel.de

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