Harald Fritzsche harald.fritzsche at mpd.de
Mon Nov 16 10:45:56 CET 1998


Jean Wolter schrieb:

> Harald Fritzsche <Harald.Fritzsche at mpd.de> writes:
> Thanks for reporting this. Since L4/Intel never used the value of
> 'external preempter' we (at least I) have not seen this 'error'.

L4 or L4Linux does not use external preempters?

> > Also the null-pointer test gives an error message.
> Could you provide some more details? If everything works correctly you
> should see a complained from the root pager (something like 'Hmm,
> strange, that shouldn't happen anymore' on a hercules monitor) and a
> message from the linux server 'mem_init: null pointer dereference
> detection seems to work'.

That is that what i see: Hmm, strange, ...It seems that i was
misunderstanding this.

> If you see 'mem_init: null pointer check failed' then something is
> wrong and the zero page was not flushed correctly. That's something
> Michael should be interested in.
> Jean

The function rs_init() hangs during boot (the boot stops for ever). Or a
function after this part of initialization. The last what i see is:
tty0* ... is a 16550A.

If i disable the serial interface the boot goes on up to VFS mount and stops
I will give you more informations later.

mfg Harald Fritzsche

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