modname glinux doesn't match...

Michael Hohmuth hohmuth at
Mon Nov 23 22:02:13 CET 1998

Erik Oliver Blaß <erik at> writes:

> Booting Fiasco+Linux I get the following error message:
> Error: modname glinux doesn't match cmdline (hd0,0)/boot/grub/rmgr.cfg
> although rmgr.cfg is Dresdens original version.

You don't really need to use the rmgr.cfg you find on the boot floppy
(the example on <URL:> 
doesn't use it).

If you want to use a custom Rmgr configuration (rmgr.cfg):

- Add the "-configfile" option to the "rmgr" command line

- Don't forget that you also need to load the Sigma0 server (the
  old menu.lst file on the floppy image doesn't load it).  If forget
  this, you get a page fault at 0xfffffffc (because the stack pointer
  for the [non-loaded] Sigma0 server is initialized to 0).

  Also don't forget the "-sigma0" command line option for "rmgr".

- There might be a buglet in Rmgr which results in the error message
  you quote.  You can work around this by removing (or commenting out) 
  the "modname <something>" directives from rmgr.cfg.

  I haven't yet had time to try to reproduce and fix this, but this is
  still in the queue.

> After that the Linux kernel seems to load anyway, but stops at the error
> reported from Harald.
> Why ?

Please try the patches I posted a few minutes ago.

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