Error while booting fiasco

Michael Hohmuth hohmuth at
Mon Nov 23 22:22:11 CET 1998

Ludger Martin <lumartin at> writes:

> I tryed to build a fiasco boot disk. I followed the instruction on the
> WWW-page
> and every thing was fine. So I tryed to boot fiasco but i got the
> folowing error:
>   KERNEL: no page fault handler for region: 0xfffffffc, error 0x2

You forgot to load a sigma0 server (or forgot to specify the "-sigma0"
command line option).  Please use a menu.lst containing the example
configuration from the web page you cite.  (The configuration on the
web page had a bug for a few days which resulted in the problem you
observed -- maybe you've picked up an old cached copy of it?)

hohmuth at, hohmuth at

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