Harald Fritzsche harald.fritzsche at mpd.de
Wed Nov 25 07:07:52 CET 1998

Dear Michael, Hello Hackers,

i have applied Michaels patch and fortunatly the message
<KERNEL: no page fault handler ...>
does never occur.

L4Linux boots now.

Thanks so far and congratulation for such a system (Linux on Fiasco).

startx or something else (xdm,kdm,X,...) scrambles the screen and blocks the
keyboard. I assume that this is causes by the disabled serial interface and
related IRQ's (i have configured out serial interface)?

Michael Hohmuth schrieb:

> > The function rs_init() hangs during boot (the boot stops for ever). Or a
> > function after this part of initialization. The last what i see is:
> > tty0* ... is a 16550A.
> >
> > If i disable the serial interface the boot goes on up to VFS mount and stops
> > than.
> This might be because the kernel debugger stub grabs irq 3 (the
> interrupt for COM2).  Maybe Linux' serial driver waits for an
> interrupt that never arrives because L4Linux cannot attach to irq3.
> Configuring out the serial driver is the correct solution when using
> a remote Gdb attached via a serial line.  If you don't have a remote
> Gdb, try booting with the "-nokdb" kernel option and see if the
> problem goes away.

Give me time to test your hints, but this evening i am visitingWagners Tannhaeuser
in the Dresdner Semper Oper.

> Michael

Thanks again and Best regards
Harald Fritzsche

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