Michael Hohmuth hohmuth at innocent.com
Fri Nov 27 02:50:09 CET 1998

Harald Fritzsche <harald.fritzsche at mpd.de> writes:

> i have applied Michaels patch and fortunatly the message
> <KERNEL: no page fault handler ...>
> does never occur.
> L4Linux boots now.
> Thanks so far and congratulation for such a system (Linux on Fiasco).

Congratulations for getting it running, and thanks for going through
all the hassles!

> startx or something else (xdm,kdm,X,...) scrambles the screen and blocks the
> keyboard. I assume that this is causes by the disabled serial interface and
> related IRQ's (i have configured out serial interface)?

It might as well be a bug in Fiasco.  So far, we also haven't been
very successful in getting up X11 (I think I've seen it running once
or twice, but it must have been a lucky day).

hohmuth at innocent.com, hohmuth at sax.de

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