page size assertion

Eiji Ota age at
Sat Nov 28 05:53:13 CET 1998

> > I'm interested in this fantastic work(of course, L4). When I tried to
> > feel it, I faced an assertion failed by assert(size == PAGE_SIZE) in
> > line).
> > 
> > The wrong page size seemed to be passed by fpage_map in as
> > a SUPERPAGE_SIZE, but I don't find the root cause for this trouble.
> > 
> > Any ideas ?
> If you can attach a remote GDB via a serial line, you can generate a
> backtrace. 

I'm not familiar with this analysis, anyway, I'll try this, however,
I'm happy if you tell me how-to at this point if possible.

> This might be a bug either in Fiasco or in an application (in which
> case the code in v_insert() must be made more robust; that is, it must 
> return an error instead of panicking the kernel).
> What are you doing when the assertion fails?  Booting?  Starting X11?

It was booting. I'll dig this out later as far as I can.

- Eiji

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