L4/Linux problem

Michael Hohmuth hohmuth at innocent.com
Mon Nov 30 13:52:08 CET 1998

"Sun-Mi You" <smyou at postech.ac.kr> writes:

> I've change Makefile and Linux was compiled sucessfully.
> But, the problem still occurs at same point.
> Is there other suggestion?

Hmm...  Are you sure you re-built the emulib?  If in doubt, please
"make clean" and rebuild the whole kernel.  Changing the Makefile and
just doing a "make" in the top-level directory is not enough because
the Makefiles are probably not included in the object dependencies.

Sorry for being so overly accurate with this; I just want to make sure
it's not that known problem.

hohmuth at innocent.com, hohmuth at sax.de

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