l4-linux booted ! [patch3]

Michael Hohmuth hohmuth at innocent.com
Mon Dec 7 20:12:41 CET 1998

Harald Fritzsche <Harald.Fritzsche at mpd.de> writes:

> i have tried the patch also.

Thanks for trying it!

> It seems, that l4linux-2.0.21 is more stable than before.
> Also the module package seems to work (dummy.o ne.o and related). That means
> in my case that these modules are autoloaded (ping works). But i haven´t a
> real network.
> Occasianally the system does not reached the login, unfortunatly i have no
> copy of the given message (probably rcv fault, during /sbin/init).

If you get a message, it would be interesting to know what it says

> Other times the reboot command  causes a seg fault (null pointer
> derefenrence) after the message "Send all processes kill sig" (This is
> reported earlier).

I haven't ever seen this.  Do you get a register/stack dump from
L4Linux?  In this case it should be possible to find the location of
the page fault (with System.map and disassembly output 
("objdump -ld vmlinux")).

hohmuth at innocent.com, hohmuth at inf.tu-dresden.de

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