page size assertion

Eiji Ota age at
Wed Dec 9 08:38:40 CET 1998


> Please try the patch appended below.
> I still would like to know which program triggers this problem as I
> have not been able to reproduce it.

Even after applying it, the same trouble happened. As my trial, I
commented out that assertion in and the system seemed to work 
at that time.... However, I missed the important point, which I didn't 
know until that time.

I used i486 PC-note(old, old note PC) and I set -nopentium to rmgr, it 
worked... i486 doesn't support a large page, does it ? oh, I'm
sorry that you worry about a funny thing and I appreciate your
advice because I thought you forgot this.


Eiji Ota

PS. Another funny thing. After removing the assertion, it worked even
    on i486. It might happen to work at that time...

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