some bugs

Michael Hohmuth hohmuth at
Fri Dec 11 15:30:01 CET 1998


thanks for your report!  I'll to reproduce the problem when I return
from my vacation in ten days.

roux at (Cedric ROUX) writes:

> When i run it under fiasco, it runs a little, then it blocks, so i press
> ctrl+c, that nornmally should end up the program and give me back the
> shell, but not, it just continues a little more, and stops again, and so on
> until the end of the program.
> Then i see a lot of "Aiee: scheduling in interrupt 00422ba (activ 10000)"
> with sometimes a 0 in place of the 10000.

This looks like a scheduling problem in Fiasco: An interrupt thread is 
still active while the Linux scheduling code is run.  This should not
happen because interrupt threads have a higher priority and never
block.  Interesting.

> Third, but it was before patch3,
> i ran through my hd, making ls, cat, rm and so on, and at one time,
> after a ls, and before the result being displayed, i receive this message
> "page fault in signal handler". Maybe patch3 fixes that, huh ?

Maybe yes, but I'm not sure.

> And last, i normally have shift+page-up to see last lines, but it does
> not works under fiasco (maybe kernel 2.0.21 doesn't handle it anyway).
> Little problem, but problem.

This doesn't work because hardware scrolling is disabled in L4Linux.
We did this because L4Linux shares the console's video memory with
Fiasco/L4 and potentially other L4 tasks.

> I soon gonna be able to debug with a second machine, so my next reports
> will be better.

That's cool!

hohmuth at, hohmuth at

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