L4-Linux 0.5.1 failed to boot...

Michael Hohmuth hohmuth at innocent.com
Fri Dec 11 15:20:55 CET 1998

OKUJI Yoshinori <okuji at kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp> writes:

>   I tried new snapshot, 0.5.1, but I couldn't boot it. After L4-Linux
> bootstrap, it couldn't detect my NE2000-compatible card and it
> couldn't accept input from keyboard. The "login: " prompt appeared,
> but I could do nothing, because console and network didn't work. My
> CPU is AMD K6, but I don't think it is the source. My system is based
> on Slackware-3.5.0, and is it possible that it may influece L4-Linux?

Did this work before?

One thing which won't work is loading original Linux kernel modules
into L4Linux.  From Linux' perspective, L4Linux is a different
architecture, and modules have to be recompiled for L4Linux.  

Did you try loading the NE2000 driver as an original Linux kernel
module?  In this case, I recommend you compile the driver into your
L4Linux kernel (or as an L4Linux module).


PS: Next week I'll be on vacation, and I won't answer my email.  I'll
    try to catch up afterwards, so please keep sending in bug reports.
    They're appreciated a lot!

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