L4-Linux 0.5.1 failed to boot...

OKUJI Yoshinori okuji at kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sat Dec 12 00:33:36 CET 1998

From: Michael Hohmuth <hohmuth at innocent.com>
Subject: Re: L4-Linux 0.5.1 failed to boot...
Date: 11 Dec 1998 15:20:55 +0100

> Did this work before?


> Did you try loading the NE2000 driver as an original Linux kernel
> module?  In this case, I recommend you compile the driver into your
> L4Linux kernel (or as an L4Linux module).

  No. I omitted the module support and everything were integrated into
L4Linux. I'll try it again with a remote debugger.

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