Crusher crusher at flashmail.com
Sun Jan 20 06:52:18 CET 2002

I'm a graduate student at CSUS (California State University Sacramento).  I 
was looking around the Internet for a Master's Project.  I decided that 
since no one has ported L4 to the UltraSPARCIIi I would attempt it (as this 
is my first kernel, I'm not expecting too much), especially since the 
school has plenty of Sun machines around.  I do already have a Sun Ultra 5 
workstation and the development environment just about setup.

Before I really started in on my project, I just wanted to make sure that a 
L4 port to the UltraSPARC isn't in the works or has been 
completed.  Otherwise, I was hoping someone has done system work with the 
UltraSPARC and would be willing answer some of my UltraSPARC specific 
technical questions that I know will come up.

Scott Tanaka

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