L4/Alpha palcodes

Goswin Brederlow goswin.brederlow at student.uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Jan 22 08:51:11 CET 2002


I hope this is the right place, havent read anything here for ages.

I was wondering whether the palcodes used by L4 on Alpha are disjunct
to the ones used by OSF / BSD / Linux.

If not could they be made disjunct?

The idea I have in mind is to make a module for linux that catches the
L4 syscalls and throws them back into user-space. That way a L4
environment could be setup within linux.  It would be much like
user-space-linux and would save a lot of reboots just to test out a
few bytes of code.

On the other hand, inside L4 you could do the same with OSF / BSD /
Linux syscalls and thus run their binaries under L4. (You want to run
Netscape under L4? Or Mathematica? Or something as simple as xemacs
and gcc?)

A l4-linux for alpha would also need those changes (if any) I believe.


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