L4 Version X.2 announcement

Uwe Dannowski Uwe.Dannowski at ira.uka.de
Mon Jan 28 19:29:05 CET 2002

The L4Ka Team is happy to announce the availability of the L4
microkernel API specification, Version X.2.  The specification can be
downloaded in PDF format from the L4Ka web-site (http://l4ka.org/).

It should be noted that the Version X.2 specification is experimental.
Future revisions may contain modifications and introduce
incompatibilities with the current revision.  It is nevertheless our
intention that the amount of changes to the specification should be
small, and that the X.2 specification should deviate as little as
possible from the forthcoming Version 4 specification.

The L4Ka Team is currently working on providing a reference
implementation for the specification.  No release date has been

   - The L4Ka Team

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