Fiasco and linux22 -- RMGR: overlapping modules problem

Ian Duggan ian at
Fri Mar 22 19:49:55 CET 2002

> This is not the same error message, but it sounds like
> the same problem. On the FAQ for L4KA:
> from
> Linux does not start - I get the error "sigma0: page
> 0x200002 requested twice..."

Yes, I saw that, and I will try the l4ka version of GRUB to see if it
will work. At the moment, I'm using tftp to get my files during bootup,
and I'm not sure if the l4ka GRUB has that functionality in it.

A bigger problem for me is understanding the relationship between the
link addresses in a binary, where GRUB loads that binary to, and whether
or not it eventually gets relocated to the correct address.

When a normal program is linked, is it linked with absolute addresses as
well? And when it is loaded, it is relocated to the right address? Is
the virtual memory mechanism of making each program think it has all the
memory to itself what allows this, rather than having to have programs
linked in such a way that they could be loaded and run from whereever
the program loader wants them to be?

-- Ian

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