L4 for asm-free OS'es?

Josh English jenglish at Insight.com
Tue Apr 9 01:27:14 CEST 2002

I was told that BeOS used a similar C++ structure.  Though I have no idea
how it was really implemented.

- Josh

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William A. Gatliff wrote:

> A lot of what I see happening in the C parts of Linux could be done
> *so* much better with C++.  I'm thinking of an OO-oriented driver
> model as an example, rather than just a soup of C functions that you
> have to invoke in the proper order for things to work right.  "Want to
> right a USB driver?  Well then just inherit from USBDriver and fill in
> these functions for the bulk transfers."  You know, like that.  :^)

You probaly want to have a look at MacOS X / Darwin and its IOKit. Thats 
exactly what they do.


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