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Luís Alberto Lucas lalucas at cefetpr.br
Fri Jun 14 02:44:35 CEST 2002

Hello folks,

First of all I'd like to thank you for such a development environment: linux 
over L4.

After some time reading the faq and the mail list I could make it work. But now 
some questions:

1) Is X Window System still not running under l4linux ? I got:

sys_iopl() called       (8 times)

"XF86_SVGA" (22.00) raised page fault (error =04) at 000000004 (vm_area can't 
grow down).

2) I'd like to run "kernel debugger" after l4linux boots (just for fun). Kernel 
debugger manual says that I could by pressing ESC but when I try, my system 

3) It seems that command "halt" doesn't work. It goes till "unmounting local 
file systems" and stops. "CTRL ALT DEL" still works. 

Thanks in advance.

Luís Alberto Lucas
lalucas at cefetpr.br

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