Frank Mehnert fm3 at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Jun 14 11:07:40 CEST 2002

On Friday 14 June 2002 02:44, Luís Alberto Lucas wrote:

> After some time reading the faq and the mail list I could make it work. But
> now some questions:
> 1) Is X Window System still not running under l4linux ? I got:

The X11 server is executed as an L4 task which communicates with the L4Linux
server like all L4Linux tasks.

> sys_iopl() called       (8 times)

That means that someone (the X server) has executed the sys_iopl Linux
system call which is not implemented. The purpose of this call is to allow
an Linux user task to get the full access to I/O ports. This is not
neccessary with L4Linux because the current implementation does not use
kernel extensions for preventing tasks to access the I/O ports.

So this message is only a warning.

> "XF86_SVGA" (22.00) raised page fault (error =04) at 000000004 (vm_area
> can't grow down).

I have no idea. Which graphics card do you have? Do you use the current
version of L4Linux from our CVS (os.inf.tu-dresden.de)? Please could you
send more output (dmesg)?

> 2) I'd like to run "kernel debugger" after l4linux boots (just for fun).
> Kernel debugger manual says that I could by pressing ESC but when I try, my
> system halts.

I suppose you mean the L4 kernel debugger? You can enter this by pressing
<ALT>+<Sysrq>+D while L4Linux is up. Be sure that you are not in graphics

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