One more problem

Jork Loeser jork at
Fri Sep 13 09:58:57 CEST 2002


> New problem appeared.
> It seems to be a make looking for subdirectories and did not found theirs.
Kind of. Our make system allows to build for different architectures,
taking account different versions of CPUs too, e.g., difference between
586/x86 and 686/x86. If you dont specify anything, the default
architecture to build for is 586/x86. The examples in watchdog can only be
built for 686/x86 and K7/x86. Hence, normally nothing is build in this
directory unless you specify the other architectures to build (which is
done by placing a BUILD_SYSTEMS=x86_686 in $(L4DIR)/Makeconf.local).

However, the error you encountered did not show up here. I assume it to be
a shell problem, originating from an empty word list in the for loop.
Which shell are you using?

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