Clans&Chiefs question

Jacob Gorm Hansen jg at
Mon Sep 16 01:02:53 CEST 2002


I have the following setup:

- rmgr, fiasco, and sigma

- a network server 'net' which exports an abstracted ethernet-device,
built with oskit10.

- a custom pager, 'pager' which is able to spawn new l4linux servers
  (currently piggybacked on to it).

All started via entries in menu.lst, using Grub

The spawned l4linuxes would like to talk to 'net' so that they may boot 
from NFS. However, net and pager are not in the same clan, so that is
not allowed (obviously they need to talk to pager as well to get paged).

Both net and pager need to talk to rmgr.

Is there a way, other than merging net & pager into one task (which
works fine, but is not really what I want), in which this can be made to
work in fiasco?


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