RMGR Documentation needed

Daniel Koch danielkoch at gmx.net
Sun Feb 23 17:47:18 CET 2003


Is there any good Documentation on RMGR available ? I need to know how I can 
load modules into specific areas of memory, because I got some overlapping 
module problems, almost the same as mentioned in the list before. The 
solution with l4ka GRUB using the feature modaddr doesn`t work for me, cause 
I use a different architecture (Athlon K7, Reiserfs).

RMGR: loading (hd 2,0)/sigma0
RMGR: loading kernel (hd 2,0)/main -nokdb
RMGR:overlaps:00300000 - 0030239c: (hd 2,0)/main -nokdb
RMGR: 00100000 - 001be980
module 02 : 00231000 - 0023256c: (hd 2,0)/rmgr.cfg.linux
module 03: 0023200 - 0032eb14: (hd 2,0)/glinux.gz root=/dev/sda3
overlaps = 1, mem_high = 0x0fff0000
RMGR: overlapping modules


### this is an example RMGR config file

### first, some global settings

# small address spaces have a size of 64 MB
small_space_size 0x04000000

# wait for key press after initialization

### configuration for Sigma0 and RMGR follows

# NOTE: it's generally useless to specify any resource allocation
# constraints for Sigma0 and RMGR here: most will be ignored because
# these tasks statically allocate all of their resources.  That's why
# we only specify bootstrap parameters here.

task sigma0
boot_priority 100

task rmgr
boot_priority 100
# enable next line if you want RMGR to run in small address space # 3
#boot_small 3

### configuration for boot modules follows

task modname "glinux"			# make sure this entry
					# corresponds to a Linux server
boot_small 2				# small address space # 2
boot_priority 100
boot_mcp 0x90				# maximum controlled priority
log_mcp 0x90				# logical maximum controlled priority
					# -- useful if "boot_mcp 0"
child max 512 in [10, 1023]		# at most 512 child tasks in that range
memory in [0, 0x02000000]		# use only lower 32 MB RAM
high_memory in [0xc0000000, 0xffffffff]	# use only hi memory in that range
small in [1,3]				# allow these small address
					# spaces to be allocated
# enable next line if you want to disallow allocation if IRQs 3 and 4
# (IRQs for serial lines COM2 and COM1)
# irq mask 0xffffffe7			



gfxmenu (hd2,0)/message
color white/blue black/light-gray
default 0
timeout 8

title linux
   kernel (hd2,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda3   vga=791
   initrd (hd2,0)/initrd
title Linux other
   root (hd1,0)
   chainloader +1
title floppy
   chainloader +1
title failsafe
   kernel (hd2,0)/vmlinuz.shipped root=/dev/sda3 ide=nodma apm=off acpi=off 
vga=normal nosmp maxcpus=0 disableapic 3
   initrd (hd2,0)/initrd.shipped
title Fiasco + "hello world"
 root (hd2,0)
 kernel (hd2,0)/rmgr-fiasco -sigma0
 module (hd2,0)/main-fiasco -nokdb
 module (hd2,0)/sigma0-fiasco
 #module (hd2,0)/glinux root=/dev/sda3 
 module (hd2,0)/hello-fiasco
title L4-Linux
 #root (hd2,0)
 kernel (hd2,0)/rmgr -configfile -sigma0
 module (hd2,0)/main -nokdb
 module (hd2,0)/sigma0
 module (hd2,0)/rmgr.cfg.linux
 module (hd2,0)/glinux root=/dev/sda3 no-scroll
 module (hd2,0)/hello

"Schlage die Trommel und fürchte dich nicht" (Heinrich Heine)

Daniel Koch

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