L4 on iPAQ

Dominik Gummel bofh at krypt1.cs.uni-sb.de
Wed Apr 2 15:50:25 CEST 2003


I'm trying to install L4 on the iPAQ (3870).
So far, my iPAQ has the "bootldr" bootloader and Linux installed.
I tried to load the precompiled hazelnut rc2 evaluation suite for the brutus 
evaluation board over serial cable to ram (to address 0xC1000000) und jumped 
to this address (as Volkmar described in nov 2002 on this list).
This didn't work. The iPAQ wrote some digits on the serial line and crashed.
Has anyone who sucessfully installed L4 on the iPAQ some hints for me?
Must I compile my own custom L4 for the iPAQ? 
Or must I use angelboot (I didn't find docs about it in google)? 

We need L4 on the iPAQ because we are going to port PERSEUS to it.
My part will be the port of Linux 2.4 to L4/ARM (it will be my master thesis).

Thanks & Regards,

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