Flonai at Flonai at
Thu Apr 3 17:02:25 CEST 2003

when i try to compile the the hello server by typing make hello in the l4
building dir, i got an error because i haven't installed doxygen. the problem
is that i want to compile fiasco from an linux from scratch system and then
using the l4linux microkernel. 
but doxygen needs xfree and some other progs and i do not want to compile it
at this time course i am in an chroot environment with no other linux
i heard doxygen is only need to build documantation files and i do not need
them. so is there a way to change one/some makefiles to exclude doxygen.

i used the cvs-reposetory (l4,oskit,and then linux22) modules from April 02.

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