ANNOUNCE: L4Ka::Pistachio version 0.1

Espen Skoglund esk at
Fri May 2 15:32:28 CEST 2003

The L4Ka team is happy to announce the first release of the
L4Ka::Pistachio microkernel.

L4Ka::Pistachio is the latest L4 microkernel developed by the System
Architecture Group at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, in
collaboration with the DISY group at the University of New South
Wales, Australia.  It is the first available kernel implementation of
the L4 Version 4 kernel API (currently code-named Version X.2), which
is fully 32 and 64 bit clean and provides multiprocessor support.  A
broad overview of L4Ka::Pistachio and the L4 Version 4 API can be
found in:

L4Ka::Pistachio is built from ground up incorporating the research
results of the last seven years of microkernel and multi-server
research.  The code is written in C++ with a strong focus on
performance and portability.  The first release includes support for
many of today's widely used commodity architectures:

   o Intel IA32 (Pentium and higher)
   o Intel IA64 (Itanium1)
   o PowerPC 32bit (IBM 750)
   o Alpha (21164)
   o MIPS 64bit (R4000, R5000)

The variety of supported architectures makes L4Ka::Pistachio an ideal
research and development platform for a wide variety of systems.
Additional architectural support for AMD64, ARM, Power4, and
UltraSparc is either planned or already in progress.

L4Ka::Pistachio is available under the two-clause BSD license.  Source
and binary distributions, documentation, and other online resources
can be found on the L4Ka website:

Within the next few weeks we are going to release L4Linux 2.4.20 which
has support for L4Ka::Pistachio/ia32 (besides the old V2 and X.0

Happy hacking,

   The L4Ka Development Team

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