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Farid Hajji <farid.hajji at> writes:

>> Many thanks for your help, I'm sorry if this seems dumb but I really am
>> confused with all the different parts of l4ka and l4hurd. As soon as I
>> get all of this working, I am going to put together a complete guide to
>> setting up bochs with l4ka, combining all of the above resources. That's
>> *if* I get it working, and understand why!
> You may want to try running L4Ka::Pistachio/x86 under the most recent
> bochs. We're planning to implement l4hurd on top of Pistachio, not
> Hazelnut.
I tried that, and FWICT, Pistachio needs the VME processor capapbility
(virtual mode extensions, see, which bochs
doesn't provide. 

here is the relevant code (pistachio/kernel/src/glue/v4-ia32/

 * checks the IA32 features (CPUID) to make sure the processor
 * has all necessary features */
static void SECTION(".init.cpu") check_cpu_features()
    u32_t req_features = IA32_FEAT_FPU | IA32_FEAT_VME | IA32_FEAT_PSE;
    if ((req_features & avail_features) != req_features)
        printf("CPU does not support all features (%x) -- halting\n", req_features);

I wonder why Pistachio needs VME, however. Maybe someone can give a

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