memory descriptor overflow was RE: [RMGR] kernel entry point and pistachio

Etienne Robillard granted14 at
Mon Aug 11 21:15:06 CEST 2003

 --- Volkmar Uhlig <volkmar at> wrote: > You
can't use RMGR with Pistachio--why would you...?

O.K - maybe it was not a very good idea.. you decide

I'm getting a memory descriptor overflow (m=200;
n=200), while trying to _boot_ the kernel.

'esquisse' of whats going on:

RMGR -- configuring s0 / roottask
RMGR -- can't detect L4 kernel -- assuming UKA kernel.
RMGR -- booting /boot/ia32-kernel...
pistachio on foo at bar ... 
several remaps() occurs...  
entering KDB, locked, blood shed ;) 

You can see in (pistachio-0.1) the following
line :

i < get_kip()->mem_info.get_num_descriptors();

It would be great if the kernel could return to RMGR
but its too early to tell - for now Volkmar is right
and thus no RMGR can be used with X.2 ;) 




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