Video Issue with DROPS demo

David Denny daviddenny at
Thu Aug 14 08:41:42 CEST 2003

Hello Hackers
I have a video problem with this machine running the Fiasco demo and my compiled fiasco modules.
The latter hang on boot, or appear to do so.

the demo appears to run, but black screen, and 1-pixel deep band of pretty coloured dots right at the top.

Compaq pII400 deskpro sff. ATI3D Rage Pro AGP 1x/2x

I will appreciate knowing which parts of which files might be worth looking at. My belief is that it's a vesa/framebuffer setting. Normal Linux runs X perfectly (both Deb and SuSE), and the (sorry) Pistachio demo boots and runs properly. SO, it has to be something simple.

Grub settings and menu taken from Dresden website.

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