Thanks all

David Denny david at
Mon Aug 25 20:52:07 CEST 2003

Well we now have fiasco booting Hello, and more or less satisfactory boots of cpufreq and pingpong, on SuSE8.2 with reverted compiler (3.2).

Thanks ALL for your assistance.

My next steps are to get a L4Linux working on SuSE8,2 and then repeat for Debian. The side effects are of course swapping compilers and libraries in and out of the host OS.

I should like to see after that if I can get the DoPE demo working properly. I am guessing so far that it may be some underlying library or compilation incompatibility. I have checked that vbeset, vbeprobe and testvbe work in grub, so it /doesn't/ seem to be the machine, and it's likely therefore that the issue has to be somewhere in the compiled binaries on the demo diskette. I'm wondering therefore if at some time the sources for vscrtest and its prereqs might be made available? (I will speak to Norman about DoPE).

Thanks again. I hope to be back when I have got the next bits working successfully.

Kind Regards & thanks all once again.
David D

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